The true value of attending Startup Weekend NWA


By Max Farrell – Business Development at Dwolla 

After attending five different Startup Weekends in five different cities, I’m constantly amazed that I gained so much after one weekend. Each ticket cost under $100.00, but the life value of the attendance was so much more on each. Several of our organizers have had the fortune to benefit from attending Startup Weekend. Here’s a few stories, with a detailed value breakdown of the upcoming Startup Weekend here in Northwest Arkansas. We think you’ll be shocked with the value.

Let’s break down the cost/ value:


Cost (per ticket): $75.00 for one full price ticket to attend Startup Weekend.


Value (per person):

  1. $70.00 — 7 amazing, all you can eat meals
  2. $30.00 — all the snacks, fruit, soda, coffee and energy drinks you can consume (call us out if you think we’re running low)
  3. $30.00 — a free web domain with one-year registration
  4. $100.00 — a voucher for Amazon Web Services
  5. $200.00 — dedicated time with 20+ leaders across Arkansas who excel in design, software development, business strategy, legal advice and venture capital advising. (Seriously, where else can you get access to all these amazing minds at once?, we’re being kind on the value here)
  6. $2,000 — Credit package to build startups on Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine.


$2,430 – $75 = $2,355 in roughly estimated value for one ticket at Startup Weekend NWA

Now let’s add a few more considerations:


$10,000+ in physical prizes, in-kind prizes and other surprises are up for grabs. Check out our Prizes post for full details!


Global Startup Battle:

Compete directly with 200+ cities for huge prizes like $20K in actual funding for your startup that you build this weekend. The top two teams in NWA are automatically qualified for the competition, so the battle is on! It’s NWA vs. the world!


In short — we promise three things:

1. We promise you will learn this weekend.

2. We promise you will make friends, connections and new opportunities will be created in your life

3. We promise you will leave with more knowledge, swag, and goodies than when you walk in the door.


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After attending my first Startup Weekend in Kansas City, I gained enough skills to secure an internship with Dwolla, the company I now work with on the Business Development team.
Value: Let’s just say I’m happy how things worked out :)

Jordana (1)


Jordan connected with the co-founder of his startup, Project Olympia, after pitching and building his idea at Startup Weekend Columbia. Ultimately became an organizer of Startup Weekends in Arkansas.

Value: Still building, TBD. I like his odds.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 11.35.56 PM

Emily Reeves:

Emily took a leap of faith in attending Startup Weekend, despite a great job at Stone Ward. Emily joined a team at Little Rock Startup Weekend that ultimately won 2nd place. Emily became a co-founder with the team’s leader and participated in the ARK Challenge, where her company, Press Baby, received $20,000 in seed funding.

Value: $20,000 + experience building at the ARK Challenge. + how do you price becoming the ultimate hustler?


After seeing the connections made at each of the events, I saw students find mentors and ultimately jobs. In Little Rock there were strangers that became friends, collaborators and business partners.

Startup Weekend NWA has the best prizes and offerings I have ever seen at a Startup Weekend.



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