Are Startups Successful in Arkansas? Yes.


by Emily Reeves

Director of Digital Innovation and Insight Planning at Stone Ward

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Startup Weekend is a first step in getting your idea developed into a business. Then, Arkansas has many resources to help you get your business up and off the ground. We are a business-friendly state that takes pride in helping new businesses grow. Let’s look at just some of the numbers from 2012 that prove startup success in Arkansas:


Total Gross Payroll:  $18,719,892

Average Annual Salary: $44,151

Total Annual Sales: $58,861,174

Current Employees: 424

Total Money Raised: $14,064,139

The business that have the most success in Arkansas typically fall into one of these categories:


  • Information Technology

  • Technology

  • Advanced Materials

  • Agriculture

  • Life Sciences

  • Retail


And startups are for everyone, not just the 20-something tech-geek guy! In Arkansas, 22% of startups are woman-owned and 17% are minority owned. There is a niche out there for anyone and everyone. Just pitch your idea!

You can become part of this community and reap the rewards just by showing up and participating in Startup Weekend in Northwest Arkansas this weekend. Startup Weekend is literally where it all starts.