The Teams! Check out what Startup Weekend NWA is building.


The Teams!

These are the 12 teams that are actively working on their business ideas this weekend and the countdown is on: 24 hours until pitch time. Learn more about each of the teams below.

If you are on a team, please complete this survey so we have your official information:

Fast Task

This team of nine people wants to help you by connecting people that want to make some cash helping others.


A safe environment for nerds to flex their brain muscles and build on their skills and knowledge. This team of five is led by a father and includes his two daughters.


DataVis reduces the amount of human time and energy on inventory management by measuring retail inventory using image recognition technology.



This team of five is working to gamify academic performance.



Pronounced tech-nay, this team of three is building opportunities for teaching IT skills after school and online.



Remyndr is a service that reminds people to communicate with professional contacts on a regular basis, keeping you on their radar before either of you need to ask a favor.



Fitology says that it “helps women buy jeans online that fit the first time.” This group is six team members strong.


Passion Pull

This six person group is helping high school students find and pursue their passions as a career.

Twitter: @passionpull

Facebook: Passion Pull

Instagram: passionpull



Three designers want to connect photographers to ad agencies for custom ordered shots.


Bumper 2 Bumper

Seven team members working together to sell customized ads in spare space.



This one-man show is building an app that connects talent from all walks of life to potential customers around their specific location.


Child Love

This is a crowdsourced organization that helps support families of special needs kids. This is a passionate team of three.

Wish them luck and help support them over the next 24 hours!


-Emily Reeves, Startup Weekend NWA Organizer